Finding God in the Garden

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

It had been a hard day. Hours and hours of mind-numbing study for exams had put my mind in a blur. I was feeling heavy, and desperate for something to make sense. At the same time, I had another struggle in my mind, I wanted to know if I could rely on God. I knew He existed, but how could I trust Him after being hurt? How was I supposed to work with Him? In desperation I had prayed, Lord, please speak to me through your creation. A prayer inspired by the thought that he can even make the stones cry out (Luke 19:40).

I walked to the garden to find a moment of peace. I found a bed of straw to lay on whilst soaking up the warm sun. And my prayer was answered.

Everything was thriving. The onions were all lined up bulging from the ground and almost ready for harvest. The far extending rows of potatoes were all vibrant green. The strawberries dangled on the straw like large red diamonds. Everything was thriving!

With an overwhelming realisation, I recognised that God had been faithful and had worked with me to make this garden. I had done my part to prepare the soil, plant a good seed, and keep the weeds at bay, and the Lord had been faithful to do His part, bringing out the sun and calling forth the life in the seed.

God had worked with me! A common daily event for seeds to sprout and for the sun to rise, but for me in that moment, so profoundly meaningful. I found Him trustworthy. His promises were now as certain as the sun rising in the morning. I could open His Word and read it, trusting that it meant what it said. The Bible opened to me, no longer with frustration, but its words now spoke comfort and instruction. I could work with Him by trusting in His promises.

I realised that we are like a tree planted in the Lord’s Garden. We take years to grow, and have many needs, but through all those years, the Lord is committed to be our gardener, and to provide our every need.

Spend a moment of devotion in His creation, take your burden to Him and He will answer. “If, with the word of God in your heart, you go forth to break up and cultivate the soil, you will find your hearts softened and subdued by the Holy Spirit of God. The mind will be opened to the teachings of God in the natural world” - The Youth’s Instructor June 30, 1898


Ian Mot is from Australia where he serves as an agronomist, soil health educator and farmer. He spends much of his spare time in the garden and is the Vice President of the Australian Cultivate Conference, a Seventh-Day Adventist ministry sharing the country living message and helping those making the move.


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