Speakers: Karen Udry, Jarek Mitura

Sprouts - your garden in the city, your apartment or your balcony. Sprouts mean fresh vegetable green plates in the middle of the winter.
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They are both currently involved in gardening at TGM Mission School in Austria. They have a passion for growing and experimenting with microgreens.

Charcoal is powerful

Speaker: Karen Udry

Come, see and try it out!
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Improving your Soil Health

Speaker: Rastislav Lagana

The workshop will be about practical steps for improving health you soil. We will discuse how mineral balance, organic matter and flourishing soil biology can enhance your garden products.
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Growing Berries & Small Fruits

Speaker: Alexandru Buciuman

In my seminar, I will present a list of small fruits and selected information about different recommendations and medicinal uses for each species. Additionally, I will have a short presentation about the most important species and biological and agrotechnical characteristics. Finally, I will present a general outline of crop management for these species.
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Lifestyle and immune system

Speaker: Thea Fricke

Natural remedies according to God's Plan in theory and practice How to apply poultice and compress, to bring the body in the God given self healing condition.
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