Speakers: Karen Udry, Jarek Mitura

Sprouts - your garden in the city, your apartment or your balcony. Sprouts mean fresh vegetable green plates in the middle of the winter.
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They are both currently involved in gardening at TGM Mission School in Austria. They have a passion for growing and experimenting with microgreens.

Charcoal is powerful

Speaker: Karen Udry

Come, see and try it out!
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Improving your Soil Health

Speaker: Rastislav Lagana

The workshop will be about practical steps for improving health you soil. We will discuse how mineral balance, organic matter and flourishing soil biology can enhance your garden products.
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Growing Berries & Small Fruits

Speaker: Alexandru Buciuman

In my seminar, I will present a list of small fruits and selected information about different recommendations and medicinal uses for each species. Additionally, I will have a short presentation about the most important species and biological and agrotechnical characteristics. Finally, I will present a general outline of crop management for these species.
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Lifestyle and immune system

Speaker: Thea Fricke

Natural remedies according to God's Plan in theory and practice How to apply poultice and compress, to bring the body in the God given self healing condition.
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Harvesting and storing crops

Speaker: Jiří Pospíšilík

How to harvest efficiently, in the right time, for long storage life. Tips and trics for farmers and gardeners.

Saving your own seeds

Speaker: Jiří Pospíšilík

Practical steps in growing, harvesting, storing and using again your own seeds.

Small ideas, big help

Speaker: Jiří Pospíšilík

Tools and small equipments and other low cost help that every smart gardener or farmer should have and use for efficient work in the garden.

Finding Pleasure and Passing it on

Speaker: Rebekka Wallner

Gardening isn’t only beautiful sunshine, fresh air, and birds. What if it is cold or hot, it rains, or the workload just doesn’t get less? What if relaxing appeals more than kneeling for hours in the mud to weed a junglelike bed? What if children or young adults don’t like to join you in the work? We will talk about some practical steps and ideas in how to motivate yourself and become effective as well as how to make practical work appealing and inviting for your surroundings.
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Homeschooling Tips and Traps

Speaker: Vasilache Family

The Vasilache family will share valuable counsel from their ups and downs related to homeschooling, country living, and ministry. Some of the topics that will be discussed include how to plan a workable schedule when homeschooling in the country, how to blend practical training with academics, how to lead your children to discover their calling, and some mistakes that you would like to avoid.
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Health & the food we eat

Speaker: Dr. Konrád Szallós-Farkas

Konrád will explain how beauty and restoration can be achieved by simple health principles and food that we consume on daily basis. 
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Microbiome-root-shoot axis: Hope in the soil

Speaker: Katerina Velchova

The microbiome is a collection of a range of different microbes such as bacteria, archaea, viruses, and fungi, that are naturally accumulated over a lifetime and live on and inside an organism, as well as in its surroundings. Such microbial collection has been shown to be important for organisms’ overall health and well-being. There are many types of microbiomes such as animal and human microbiomes, but there are also soil and plant microbiota. In this workshop, we will particularly focus on the plant microbiome and how it can be related to human health.
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