Cultivating blueberries with all your heart

The workshop will provide the basic information about running a blueberry garden/farm. It will cover topics such as planning, starting, planting, cultivation, pros and cons of growing blueberries, marketing the products, possible improvements, etc. You can expect hands-on information from a professional blueberry grower.

Speaker: Frantisek Toth

Education and agriculture in a new Adventist school setting

Our school was founded recently in 2020. In the workshop we will have a look at one possible way of how to combine education and agriculture in an Adventist school setting. How did we started?  What are our future plans?

Speaker: Nora Tunner

Kids Gardening
Practical counsel for homeschooling parents

This workshop will touch on the following subjects: personal character development and regeneration, planning the school year, writing schedules, teaching practical skills and keeping priorities straight. We would also like to share the challenges we encountered in homeschooling our six children while living in Africa. 

Speaker: Doris Waber

Basics of food preservation

The workshop describes four simple and healthy ways to store food for the winter: drying, canning, freezing and lactic acid fermentation. The practical procedures and advantages of each method will be explained.

Speaker: Doris Waber

Mason jars
God's unique way of leading you to country life

I will share our experience of how God has led us to where he wants us to serve him.

Speaker: Anita Spuller

Farm 2
Missionary work in nature of Southern Austria

The workshop will focus on how God can use you to make a difference in the lives of others by providing them with opportunities to be in nature. It will be based on testimonies of how God heals and changes people's heart.

Speaker: Anita Spuller

Group Planting a Tree
Save the soil - Solutions to drought in the organic farming

Organic farming or good agricultural practice is the solution for the coming period of climate change which includes drought. Soil can be a huge water resource and a good reservoir of water. We will see how to achieve this as well as how to preserve soil moisture.

Speaker: Jiří Pospíšilík

Microorganisms in the soil

Microbial life in the soil is an image of God's plan of life on Earth. Soil microorganisms create soil fertility and improve soil structure. These are two of the most important factors for plant health and high yields. We will examine the functions of soil microorganisms and learn how to support their power.

Speaker: Jiří Pospíšilík

The Art & Practice of Vegetable Seed Saving

In our time, it is becoming more and more important to know how to store your own seeds. We're going to take a look at simple vegetables and find some tips and tricks for maximising germination capacity. But we will also go through more complex cultures and the challenges we face there. You are also welcome to share your own experiences, as it is a good opportunity to learn from each other.

Speaker: Christina Brandtner

From Seed to Harvest - Planning & Scheduling your Vegetable Garden

As the season progresses, a good weekly plan will help us navigate our daily tasks. This plan must be created individually for each location. We're going to go over some basic planning information and what to watch out for in the first season.

Speaker: Christina Brandtner

Practical steps to the soil mineral balance

Find out what the ideal soil is, why it is important, and how to achieve it with a mineral amendment.

Speaker: Rastislav Lagaňa

Soil and human health

Some call it dirt. But in fact, our body is made of the same material, that is found below the surface of the earth. And there is more to it. Even though it became hard to work the soil after the fall of man, this material is still meant to keep us healthy. Starting with the green revolution, the focus was mainly on achieving a maximum in yields. The availability of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides made us forget about the importance of keeping the soil healthy. Within the last few years scientists began to understand, that it is not only our modern lifestyle, that makes us sick. It all starts with the soil. In this workshop we want to learn some principles that can help us to revive the „living room“ in which the roots of our plants are founded.

Speaker: Ingo Stocker

Microgreens - the simplest garden ever

Microgreens - your garden in the middle of the city, in your apartment, balcony. Microgreens means green plates in the middle of winter.

Speaker: Matthias Waber / Jaroslav Mitura

God's eternal desire part 1,2

What does God actually think, when He sees you and me? Is His greatest wish to see in us perfection? If yes, why? If not, then what? Looking at the Bible with fresh eyes, we will trace some of His amazing thoughts and ideas as revealed in Scripture and discover truth that will be life-changing in verity.

Speaker: Christopher Kramp

Dealing with your heart

There is something rarely touched on in presentations on personal devotion: examining your own heart. We will try to find practical ideas for our morning time with God to strengthen our walk with Him!

Speaker: Christopher Kramp

Nearer, still nearer

The beautiful story of a man who left all to gain everything, because He found what his soul longed for and always went a step further....

Speaker: Christopher Kramp

Foraging God's Treasures 

There is a dying knowledge of the wonderful plant-life God has provided for us. God has given us plants for our use in the average backyard, just waiting to be discovered. Let's forage God's treasures!

Speaker: Julia Karlsson

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European Agriculture Conference

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