Frank Fournier

Frank Fournier is French Canadian and was born into a Roman Catholic home. He joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church when he was 27 years old, and started working with supporting ministries in March of 1975. For five years, he served as president of Woodland Park Foundation, a supporting ministry in South River, Ontario, Canada. Next, he taught Bible for two years at Fountainview Academy in British Columbia. In 1987, he and his family moved to Zambia, Africa, where he served as director of Riverside Farm Institute for six years. In 1997, he and his wife, Janet, began working with Outpost Centers International, where Frank served for five years as executive vice-president. He was president of Eden Valley for 12 years, president of ASI-NAD for 4 years, and executive VP of OCI for a total of 11 years. Currently he is the president of OCI North America.
Jaroslav Mitura.jpeg

Jarek Mitura

Jarek is currently involved in gardening at TGM Mission School in Austria. He has a passion for growing and experimenting with microgreens.

His workshop: Sprouts
Karen Urdy.jpg

Karen Udry

Feeling out of place in her work as a nurse, Karen Udry decided to take part in the medical missionary course at TGM Austria. Since then, she has worked there as part of the team with joy and fulfillment.

Her workshop: Charcoal is powerful
Rastislav Lagana 3.jpg

Rastislav Lagana

Rastislav is a hobby gardener. Together with his wife Janka, they maintain an organic garden. He is passionate about ideal soil, soil tests and soil amendments.

His workshop: Improving your Soil Health
Alexandru Buciuman 2.jpeg

Alexandru Buciuman

Alexandru Buciuman has the joy of presenting short seminars on the cultivation and uses of small fruits. He is a horticultural engineer by profession and has worked 13 years in production as a farm leader, until 1989, and 27 years in the Office for Plant Protection – Laboratory for Prognosis and Warning, from 1989 until retirement. He is married to Gabriela, and they have a daughter, Coralia, and two granddaughters, Lorelei and Shaina. He is a member of the SDA Church în Rm. Vâlcea, where he served many years as an elder.

His workshop: Growing Berries & Small Fruits
Thea Fricke 2.jpg

Thea Fricke

She is a trained nurse, a trained health counselor, and a trained medical missionary. She also participated in several seminars on the topic: of "Natural Medicine in the Tropics", where she presented her many years' experiences in Uganda und Sambia (Afrika), Romania, Moldawien, and Israel.

Her workshop: Lifestyle and immune system

Jiří Pospíšilík

Jiří has been an organic farmer for more than 20 years. He established several organic farms. He propagates a healthy lifestyle and organizes agriculture conferences for Czech and Slovak republic.

His workshops: Harvesting and storing crops, Saving your own seeds, Small ideas, big help
Rebekka Wallner.png

Rebekka Wallner

Rebekka Wallner has grown up on a family farm and taken an education as a kindergarten teacher. After several years working and learning at different institutions within Europe, God has convicted her to work fulltime within gardening at the Adventist institution Bogenhofen in Austria. There she is still learning together with the students how to grow vegetables, and how to grow closer to God.

Her workshop: Finding Pleasure and Passing it on
Vasilache family.jpeg

Vasilache Family

The Vasilache family will share valuable counsel from their ups and downs related to homeschooling, country living, and ministry. Some of the topics that will be discussed include how to plan a workable schedule when homeschooling in the country, how to blend practical training with academics, how to lead your children to discover their calling, and some mistakes that you would like to avoid.

Their workshop: Homeschooling Tips and Traps
Konrád Szallós-Farkas.jpg

Dr. Konrád Szallós-Farkas

Konrád is passioned about health and personal health consultations to those who struggle and are willing to change their living style. He provides nutrition education and lifestyle change support through coaching and personal development.

His workshop: Health & the food we eat
Katerina Velchova.jpg

Katerina Velchova

Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the Graduate Centre for International Agriculture at the University of Nottingham, the UK. During my previous studies, I went on a year abroad to Malaysia, where my interest in host-microbiome interactions started.

Her workshop: Microbiome-root-shoot axis: Hope in the soil